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Randomness Before The Gym

Fraggers, it’s been a while. I apologize for any wrongs that I have done to you in leaving you lonely and helpless without anything to read. Things have been extremely crazy and 2013 has been one hell of a ride already. How crazy? Let me tell you a story.

Far away in a distant universe, The Umbrella Chronicles, there was a boy who lived. His name was Chafin, Shark Chafin. Let’s call him Sanderson. He did absolutely nothing fun. He was the most boring person you would ever run into. However, he did murder people. He found this to be fun because he took huge dumps while doing it and that made him laugh. Fucking guy was a sociopath and he knew it. Hell, everyone knew it, but they didn’t care because the only people that knew weren’t real. Moments later, he died.

Truth be told, this story has given me a greater sense of self and I surely cannot wait to feel invigorated to write all of you more short stories. Hopefully, we can come back to The Umbrella Chronicles and see what else that universe has in store for us.



Taco Tuesday

Good morning, world! Once again you’ve come back to me and that’s love. I’ll prove it to you.

“If you love someone, let them go. If they come back to you, then it’s meant to be.” – Probably Nicholas Sparks


So I was on one of my favorite sites this morning ( and I came across an article that is set up for a contest that ends this week. Basically, they have up a little comic without a caption and the contest is to make a dialogue between the two characters as the caption.

Here’s the comic:


If you’re on twitter, you can send them a tweet – @mashableHQ with the hashtag #mashcomic.

Mine’s was “When I said bigger was better, I didn’t mean your cell phone.”

You can’t steal it. That would make you a thief, and we frown upon thieves on the internet. Tee hee.

Anywho, I’ve just happened upon some news that I’ve been enrolled into some manager program here at work that could possibly land me as a manager in a particular division in my company  (The Janitorial Division). If that’s true, I’m okay with that! That’s all. Thanks for reading again, guys. You really do make my day. Even if I am talking to myself.



A Case of the Mondays

Happy morning, world! It is Monday and I am very excited. It’s rare to be excited on a day that everyone hates. I’m actually hating it right now, but no matter, I’m excited. Why am I filled with so much glee? Oh, well, that’s because this is the last week of finals and then I’ll be on a nice, long break from school.

Over the weekend, I finished a 13-page brief on the policy of immigration reformation. It was grueling, world. Let me tell ya. I totally didn’t expect to turn out a 13-page paper, but when you see something like that manifest from your own hands, you get pretty damn excited. I mean, just talking about it right now–I’ve gotta go change my pants. BRB.

Okay, back! Anyway, I’ve learned a lot of things from that paper. I’ve learned about how much prejudice I have towards one side and it would’ve never come about if I never did a paper like this. I typically don’t like to get involved in anything political because you can never get to a spot of, “Oh, yeah. That’s a good point. I like that side.” I’m an open-minded person. I like to listen to both sides of every argument and each side may have valid points, but who’s really right? And most people would say, “Well, what does your brain tell you? What do you feel is right?” And you know what feels right? Finishing a 13-page brief. And frying bacon naked.

All I know is that at the end of this week, I am a free person. I guess I’ve been out of it lately with the change of work and the impending finals, but it’s shown me that I can’t handle stress very well. I’ve discovered that I get angry, I lash out, I become depressed and then I need a night of drinking that involves killing a bottle of Jaeger. I need to figure out how to control that shit or else I’m going to do something I regret one day. At least I can see my mistakes. How many of you can say that you see yours and try to make a change about it?

Well, back to work for me!