Hey, I’m Shrappy. From what people tell me, I’m a pretty laidback guy. I think I’m just lazy as hell. I don’t like complications or conflict dealing with anything, and I like to keep things really simple. Food, shelter, and access to online games is my dream life. I tend to look at everything through a thick pair of pessimistic lens because it’s easier to shut things down rather than to start things up. I’m 5’10, a little over 200lbs. because I love good food, and I used to love sports when my knees wouldn’t buckle from playing them. Well then .. not much to see here so uhh .. frag along.


One thought on “Shrappy

  1. David November 26, 2012 at 9:03 am Reply

    lol you just described me .. except i’m 6’2 220 lbs.

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