Taco Tuesday

Good morning, world! Once again you’ve come back to me and that’s love. I’ll prove it to you.

“If you love someone, let them go. If they come back to you, then it’s meant to be.” – Probably Nicholas Sparks


So I was on one of my favorite sites this morning (www.mashable.com) and I came across an article that is set up for a contest that ends this week. Basically, they have up a little comic without a caption and the contest is to make a dialogue between the two characters as the caption.

Here’s the comic:


If you’re on twitter, you can send them a tweet – @mashableHQ with the hashtag #mashcomic.

Mine’s was “When I said bigger was better, I didn’t mean your cell phone.”

You can’t steal it. That would make you a thief, and we frown upon thieves on the internet. Tee hee.

Anywho, I’ve just happened upon some news that I’ve been enrolled into some manager program here at work that could possibly land me as a manager in a particular division in my company  (The Janitorial Division). If that’s true, I’m okay with that! That’s all. Thanks for reading again, guys. You really do make my day. Even if I am talking to myself.




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