An Apology

Dear J,

Sorry man. I think I wanted to come on here to apologize because I know you read this thing and it’s a lot easier (although, I could have written a text, an email or called you). I was out of line yesterday and I know it. It might’ve been the mixture of a terrible day at work yesterday, finals coming up and just an odd feeling of relentless mood swings of depression. Also, I think my nutrition has something to do with it. Anyway, none of those are excuses for me being an asshole. We are the masters of our emotions and I definitely let the ball drop on controlling mine as of yesterday.

You, however, handled it like a champ. Whether you knew what I was going through, or you didn’t, or maybe you just didn’t want to deal with my bullshit, you dealt with it perfectly and are a class act. Thanks for being such a stand up guy.

And today, I completed the stairmasters on level 7 for 19 minutes and level 8 for the last minute. Please don’t ever make me do that again. I was sweating more than the Jews in a gas chamber. Or did they sweat?

Humbled and ashamed,



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