ShrappyLog #5 – 12/01/2012

Ffffffffuuuuuu- it’s December. And it’s 2:35AM. I guess learning from my mistakes is against my nature. I guess I like to stay up late just for the sake of staying up late. I like to guess a lot too.

I finished some of my math homework and started on my game development project today(yesterday technically), and I ran 20 minutes on the treadmill instead of my usual 15 minutes. 25% increase from my normal running was no joke, and I still have no idea how other people run for an hour non-stop. Freaks of nature.

I’m thinking of switching up my routine though just for the sake of the “after-burn” effect. It’s basically when your body continues to burn calories for possibly up to 48 hours after you’re done working out. Mike Chang, and I’m not sure if this is his name because I’m too lazy to Google, said that the afterburn effect is like when two cars drive one mile .. one car drives fast and turns off immediately, while the other drives slow and fast, but sits idle for 48 hours after it’s completed the one mile. Obviously the car that sits idle for 48 hours burns a shit ton more gas than the other that just turned off.

Basically, to reach maximum afterburn effect, you just really need to utilize exercises that put the ATP in your muscles to full usage. Even more basically, get sore as much as humanly possible. The recovery process is what burns calories even after your workout at a high rate. Some say that high interval workouts help with this(slow, go fast, slow, go fast ..) and lifting heavy weights while constantly moving during rest periods helps as well.

I watched a video on the afterburn effect and it was interesting to me. I mean, it’s nothing really new. It kinda just put a label on “get sore as hell and here’s how and why you should do it.” Figured I would record my thoughts about it on here so it would basically create avenues of thought pertaining to the afterburn effect while I workout in the future.

I got more thoughts swirling in my head getting ready to explode into shrapnel, but my parents are coming home in the morning so I gotta catch some Z’s. Night guys.

*BOOM* goes Shrappy~



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