ShrappyLog #3 – 11/28/2012

Hey, I beat my last entry by 6 minutes! I’m here at 2:10AM in the morning again because I don’t like sleep. I mean, I love sleep, I just don’t like sleep robbing me of my leisure time.

I just finished watching an anime called Guilty Crown .. forever. And when I say “finished,” I don’t mean that I completed the whole series. I mean I’m done with that piece of shit that somehow passed for watchable anime. I wanted to relax after my horrendous Accounting class, and instead I get home to watch an anime that has a lame ass main character, two-dimensional storyline, and action scenes that last for minutes, but are only exciting for seconds. I asked myself .. why was I so irked? Wasn’t it just a show? Pick another and move on, right?

Not really. It’s not just a show, it was a time that I had reserved for entertainment, and what I got instead was boredom mixed with dissatisfaction. I guess this is why people get so angry at “little things,” or maybe I’m just blowing it all out of proportion. I’m biased when it comes to my time being wasted, though. Or .. maybe I should just stop fragging at 2AM in the morning, haha. Effs with my moods.

Tomorrow, or today even, I got my game development class and my business class. In my business class, my stock project is due. Mundane project. Professor taught us nothing about stocks, and fragged us a stock project. Now I’m just using “frag” as an array for multiple frags. I mean .. definitions.

Well, my game development class is in less than six hours, so I’m going to shower my teeth and sleep. I don’t like waking up tired, nor do I like waking up at all.

*BOOM* goes Shrappy~



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