Hi all, Shrappy Here

Well, this is the first post to our new blog! I’m pretty excited so far. All my thoughts are always caged and forgotten, and I know this blogsite can remedy that. In the future, I hope my thoughts can have a similar effect, more or less, as a frag grenade. I want them to affect people as if a piece of shrapnel has been lodged right into their flesh, without the pain of course.

Now, my cousin Jabber is the one who really wanted this blog to be started so I took up the responsibility of maintaining/tweaking the website for the future. I go by Shrappy. Figured it would be clever since “shrapnel” comes out of frag grenades .. I guess.

Anyway, I’m excited to mess around later on with the options WordPress has to offer. This is about 10x easier than starting a website from scratch with HTML. It comes with all sorts of Themes so I had to rush myself to just choose one or I’d be stuck picking for hours. It has widgets, an easy GUI(graphic user interface), and an exceptionally simple start up. I’ve been thinking here and there about lists I had to complete for this site all day, and it’s been fun.

Well, I have to study for a College Algebra test right now. Logarithms, graphs, and systematic methodic equations. Booooooorrrrrring.

Nice to meet you, FG.

*BOOM* goes Shrappy~



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