ShrappyLog #12 – 3/21/2013

Hey guys. I’ve been progressing a great deal in my life. I haven’t been doing much.

I need to do my accounting homework before midnight, so take care you guys.

*BOOM* goes Shrappy~



Randomness Before The Gym

Fraggers, it’s been a while. I apologize for any wrongs that I have done to you in leaving you lonely and helpless without anything to read. Things have been extremely crazy and 2013 has been one hell of a ride already. How crazy? Let me tell you a story.

Far away in a distant universe, The Umbrella Chronicles, there was a boy who lived. His name was Chafin, Shark Chafin. Let’s call him Sanderson. He did absolutely nothing fun. He was the most boring person you would ever run into. However, he did murder people. He found this to be fun because he took huge dumps while doing it and that made him laugh. Fucking guy was a sociopath and he knew it. Hell, everyone knew it, but they didn’t care because the only people that knew weren’t real. Moments later, he died.

Truth be told, this story has given me a greater sense of self and I surely cannot wait to feel invigorated to write all of you more short stories. Hopefully, we can come back to The Umbrella Chronicles and see what else that universe has in store for us.


ShrappyLog #11 – 3/08/2013

Wow, it sure has been a loooongg time since I’ve fragged. Sorry about that folks, I’ve been lazier than ever I guess. I miss creating stronger avenues of thoughts in my brain via fragging.

It took me a while to even remember the password to the login for this WordPress. Glad I remember that it was .. wait a minute .. I can’t tell you guys that information! Hahaahahaha. It’s 3AM, forgive my cheesiness.

I am extremely lazy and sleepy right now.

*BOOM* goes Shrappy~